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As a licensed gunsmith for 30 years, I shared the same beginning; the challenge of precision work, coupled with the appreciation for beauty in restoring or creating a fine sporting instrument or collector's item. After reading A Masters Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod by Everett Garrison and Hoagy Carmichael, I was fascinated by the complexity and skill involved and, in later readings, the variations and unique styles of cane rods made by other well known makers. It was then I set out on this adventure! Twenty years ago, my endeavor started --

Building My Own Cane Rod to Cast Upon the Local Streams

Having my own machine shop for gunsmithing, working with wood, shaping, checkering and finishing to create gun stocks and devising tools to make a task easier or more efficient for gunsmiths carried into my present craft; starting with wood fillers, to making components and on to tools for rod building. As time went on, rod makers became interested in my tools and components and asked if I would make them available - hence The Fly and Rod Room was born.

A Passion for Inventing

I might make mention at this point that as an adolescent, my mind was geared towards inventing. If I wasn't working on customizing cars in my parents garage, I was in the basement drawing up plans for new inventions and gathering materials to later build a prototype. This exploring, imaginative mind as a youngster may have been the beginning of my desire as an adult.

Needless to say, mechanical abilities led to my working days as a Volvo automobile technician and an exploring mind with a need for challenge led to nights and weekends making cane rods and tools for the trade.

Food for thought: It may be interesting to delve into the history of adolescent rod makers of long ago to see if any traits led to the goals and accomplishments of their future.

Quite a few "Old Masters" of cane rod building started out as gunsmiths, both crafts requiring quality craftsmanship.